Destination Orientation

NamWel Tours offers safaris and Tours in the Southern African an amazing destination included in African Sky's and variety of sights to see and places to experience. Our team has traveled extensively to all of these destinations, enabling us to put together a wide range of quality travel packages. Many clients end up doing multiple trips to this region in order to see and experience more of this incredible piece of our world.

Yours personal choice of the destination NamWel, provide you with the best of is experiences, professional staff to take your destination. Africa, Southern Africa is the wide variety of places to visit and the comprehensive range of travel options and safari activities to choose from. Your available time, interests and budget essentially determines the type of Southern African holiday that you choose and it is our aim to familiarize you with the different choices of tours and safari types, styles and activities throughout the region(s).

  • has the two great deserts the vast shifting sand sea of the Namib sprawls inland along the Atlantic coastline the world’s tallest sand dunes...
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  • Angola is a country of poster-inspiring scenery. The landscape changes from desert to savannah to tropical forests...
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  • Botswana is dominated by the dry Kalahari Desert 'thirst land'. The landscape ranges from wide, open savannah scrub land...
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  • South Africa is blessed with spectacular natural beauty, a fantastic climate and diversely interesting regions with diverse cultures...
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  • Zambia offers some of the most authentic safari experiences on earth. With more water than any other country in Africa...
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  • is a popular tourist destination due to the huge variety of environments, and the amazing cultural, wildlife and landscape heritage.
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